Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 165: Ripping good time

More work on the latest batch of seam rippers today.  All 23 had the profiles turned and are ready for final turning and finishing.

I ripped one of the biggest pieces of Mesquite in half in preparation for turning.  It's 18" across and 20" long.  This piece was the base of the tree and when it fell a large chunk split off so this piece was not a whole log to begin with.

I cut the rest into spindle blanks on my bandsaw.  The largest piece is just under 4" square and just over 20" long.  I don't have any plans for these but there's no way I was going to let this wood go to waste.

My friend Paul also came over this morning to pick up some of the bigger pieces of wood I collected last week.  He makes large salad bowls and was looking for some wood.  He brought me a piece of wood in return.  This is a fairly large piece of figured Mesquite. It almost has figure similar to Birdseye Maple  This should make a 14-15" platter.

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