Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 137: Light my fire

Another small Olive hollow form today with some pyrography.  The wood had so much going on that I thought too much burning would be distracting so I did just a bit around the top and a little around the base.

Top view showing the burning around the rim and the pair I did yesterday.

Bottom view with signature.  The 1/10 on the bigger piece is January 2010, not 1 of 10.

Now for the bad news, It took me 3 tries to get one piece done today.  The piece on the lower left got a little thin and then cracked because of vibration.  I cut through the side of the piece on the top.  Such is life.

One more project tonight.  I burned this grecian inspired design on the peppermill I made last week.  It's not perfect but it's not bad for freehand.

Song of the night:
Coldplay, Clocks

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  1. The pepper mill burning looks great. I am glad that you also post some of your not-so-perfect results on the 4th picture down. I seem to relate a little more to those... Good stuff all around.