Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Day 154: Carya illinoinensi

I rough turned one of the pieces of Pecan tonight.  The largest of the 2 bowls is just under 15", the smaller is just under 10".  There's a small bark inclusion on both pieces along with some very nice grain in the crotch area where the trunk of the tree started to branch out.

Both pieces side by side.  They've both been bagged and put on a shelf inside the house.  For bowls this large I prefer to use the takeout bags from Chilis.

Some of the shavings from tonight.  Pecan is in the hickory family, among the hardest woods.  Hickory is used extensively for handles that will take abuse such as hammers, axes, and shovels.  When green it cuts fairly easy, these shavings are 7/8" across.  After it's dry it will live up to its nickname, Pecancrete.

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