Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 152: Aquamarine

I started the morning firing up my chainsaw to split the 2 pieces of Pecan I picked up yesterday.  It turns out that both of my chainsaw chains were very dull so a trip to the local Ace Hardware was in order for a good sharpening.  I haven't used this store before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  15 minutes and $12 later I was out the door and on the way back home.  The difference was night and day, they did a fantastic job sharpening them and the price for sharpening 2 chains was very reasonable.  I then marked out the centers and larges bowl size for each of the pieces.  All 4 pieces should yield 14-15" bowls.

Tonight I sanded and painted a 2 piece hollow form.  I order to paint the entire piece at one time I hang it from the ceiling with a small piece of twine and a small piece of copper wire.  The string is tied to the wire which is then lowered into the opening of the hollow form.  Once through the neck the piece of wire will tend to hang horizontal which makes it wider than the opening and the whole piece can be safely suspended and can be spun freely so that even coverage with the airbrush is relatively easy.

The piece was then carefully mounted on the lathe again so the area around the joint could have the fine details turned.  This area will eventually be silver leafed similar to the other painted and silver leafed piece from last month.

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