Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 140: Beauty and the Beast

Becca's bank got a quick sanding and a quick spray of magenta airbrush ink this evening.  The color here is a little dull, it's actually bright hot pink, it almost hurts to look at.

I also cored out the center of the large Olive bowl from yesterday.  Consensus was to leave the cracks as is but now that it's turned and I can see how the cracks run through the middle of the bowl I think they need to be filled and I'm leaning heavily to coffee grounds and epoxy.

I also received a couple new toys today.  A package from Craft Supplies USA arrived.  It contained a commercial burning pen, some 18 gauge nichrome wire for making my own burning tips, and a couple of peppermill kits.  The commercial tip and the heavier wire required a slight modification to my charger but I made the changes in a way that I can undo them if I ever need to.   

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