Sunday, January 24, 2010

Day 159: Remnants

I spent the morning cutting up the smaller pieces of Mesquite and Acacia that I went back for last night.  I sent a note out to our woodturning club letting the members know that I had this wood free for the taking.  About half of it is now taken or spoken for.  Most of this is 7-11" across and about the same length.  The Acacia has the darker heart wood.

I also spent some time practicing more multi axis turning for my demo next month.  Some of it went well, some of it didn't.  I did verify that I can control the direction of rotation on the twisted box.  I thought it might be the way that it's mounted on the lathe, ie whether the top of the box is toward the headstock or the tailstock but it's actually based on how the centers are numbered.  Having learned that I now know that I can make a matched pair, one with a right hand twist and the other with a left hand twist.

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