Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 157: Roses and Cherries

I decided to work on the Cherry box I talked about last night.  The ends were marked and the box mounted between centers.  A tenon was turned on each and and then the top and the bottom of the box were parted.

The top of the box was then chucked and the inside of the box hollowed out.  If you look carefully you can see the recess that will accept the tenon that will be turned on the body.

The body has been hollowed and the tenon has been formed.  The tolerances on the tenon and the recess are very tight.  I want a fairly tight joint here as the multi axis work on the outside is done between centers and I want to make sure everything is secure.

 Top and body.

After several test fits the a nice tight fit is achieved.  The joint is very tight and the grain alignment is very good.

Because I elected not to use the Burmese Rosewood for my demo I decided to finish the rest of it tonight.  I turned the recess on the lid followed by a tenon on the body and mounted it between centers.

Here you can see the piece mounted between centers.  The axis is moved off center and twisted for turning the outside.  This is done a minimum of 3 times, at least once per face.  In truth I probably end up turning each face about 3 times in order to get everything even.

Everything is then sanded, the top and the bottom turned and sanded before a coat of oil is applied.

Open view.  You can clearly see the triangular shape formed by the 3 axes.

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