Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 162: The last?

The last 2 trees I had my eye on were cut up today.  This Mesquite was about 3 miles up the road in a private park.  I thought about taking my saw to it but decided not to risk it.  I checked on it periodically over the last couple days and finally found the crew cutting it up today.  Unfortunately they had already cut most of the lower trunk section into what I call cookies.  Cross sections of the tree 3-4 inches thick.  Most turners, including myself, want the sections cut at least as long as the diameter of the tree.  If the tree is 14" diameter the sections should be cut at least 14" long.  16" or 18" would be even better.  There were several bigger sections left so I salvaged what I could.

They also cleaned up a large Shoestring Acacia about 5 miles West of my house.  Most of the tree was gone but they left about a 3' tall section of the lower trunk intact.  I cut 2 pieces off of it, each about 16" long.  The 1 gallon paint can is in the photo for scale. The surrounding pieces are the Mesquite from above.

I spent this evening cutting and ripping a bunch of logs in half.  Most of the smaller piece, less than 12" diameter, were cut in half on my bandsaw.  The 4 lighter colored ones are Mesquite, the darker 10 are Shoestring Acacia.

I also restacked and organized the larger pieces so I have a bit more room to work.

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