Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 160: Salvaged

I salvaged a little more wood tonight, actually a bit more than a little.  3 pieces of Shoestring Acacia about 13" diameter.  This tree was in the median of a major street and was blown over in the storm last week.  The road crew that went through the area trimmed it back so that it was no longer blocking traffic but they left the first 4 feet of the trunk intact.  Three cuts and 5 minutes later these 2 pieces and the big crotch piece below were headed back home with me.

This was the upper part of the trunk left by the road crew.  They cut the 2 upper branches off, leaving this piece and the 2 pieces above.  I'll probably cut off the 2 upper branches and use them when people come to visit.

I had a handful of visitors today picking up the wood I posted about yesterday.  One of them was nice enough to leave me a really nice piece of Olive in exchange for some of the Mesquite and the Acacia.  He told me that this wood is 105 years old, it came from some of the Olive trees planted along Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix in 1905.  I could tell immediately that it has gorgeous grain and couldn't wait to start turning it.

I have some in progress pictures of this piece but I'm going to skip posting them tonight.  I finally settled on this outside shape.

I think I might leave this with the natural edge.  It's very gray and weathered and I think it will provide a nice contrast to the smooth and finished interior and exterior.

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