Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 163: Orders

My wife made a quick trip to the quilt shop down the street where she found that they were out of seam rippers and according to the owner "this is not the time of year to be out".  So I started another batch of 20 tonight.  Woods include Padauk, Bocote, Curly Maple, Olive, Canarywood, Bolovian Rosewood, and Afzilia.

All of the pieces were cut to length, drilled, and turned round tonight.

I also did a bit more practice turning for my demo next month.  This piece is just over 7 1/2" long and I crammed in as many zig zags as I could.  I wanted to make it a bit thinner to emphasize the offset but one end cracked so I had to stop.

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