Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 151: A day late

I didn't get this post up last night as I was playing in my monthly poker tournament but I did spend 6 hours doing woodturning related activities. 

Yesterday was the January meeting of the Arizona Woodturners Association.  I also had a 2 hour meeting for the Desert Woodturning Roundup organizing committee.  The committee made a lot of progress, we have finalized our choices for the demonstrator roster and will be publishing it as soon as all of the demonstrators have been confirmed.  J Paul Fennell was our featured demonstrator and did a small hollow form with the use of a fiber optic cable to illuminate the inside to judge wall thickness.  He also donated 2 pieces to the club, one for the people that contributed to the Instant Gallery, and one for the 50/50 raffle we hold monthly.  I was lucky enough to win the one for the Instant Gallery, it's pictured here.

After the meeting I swung by a local wood supplier and picked up 2 pieces of green Pecan.  I talked with the owner and he's promised to give me access to his storage lot in return for some of my work.  Time will tell if this ends up working in my favor.

I didn't do very well in the tournament, I lost 2 big hands fairly early and never really recovered.


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