Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 156: Prep work

More demo prep work tonight.  I'm still a month out from my demo but decided to get a few things ready ahead of time.

In the upper left are 5 blanks I cut tonight that will be used for off center pendants.  The 2 pieces at the bottom middle will be used to turn these pendants.  On the lower right is a 3 sided twisted piece that I played around with tonight.  I did my now standard 3 centers on both ends but I made the circle on the bottom side about 1/2 the size of the circle on the top.  This didn't affect the twist, it just made it so that the bottom could be turned down to a smaller diameter without interfering with the center points.  Lastly in the middle of the photo is a long piece of Narrah I turned tonight.  I've done this parallel multi axis piece before but only with a total of 3 beads/coves.  This one has 6 beads/coves.  There's quite a bit of chatter because the wood is pretty soft and it's pretty long.  I didn't bother sanding because it's a sample piece.  I also decided tonight that I'm going to skip using the Burmese Rosewood box I was prepping for my demo.  Some people don't react well to the rosewoods and I'd hate to be responsible for someone else getting sick (or worse) because of the wood I'm using.  Instead I think I'll use some of the Cherry I bought last week.

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