Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 158: Jackpot

We had some pretty severe storms in the Phoenix area over the past couple days.  60+ mile per hour winds, tornado warnings, and torrential rain leading to flash flood warnings.  I spent a couple hours driving around today looking for downed trees and managed to find a couple.  This one is a fairly large Mesquite, about 18" diameter near the base.

A couple hours work cutting and hauling it all back home and this is the result.  Mesquite and Shoestring Acacia (the dark pieces on the left and near the right).  It's hard to tell from this photo because there's nothing for scale but most of these are 14-16" diameter and they're all soaking wet.  I paid a couple of neighborhood kids to help me move them and get them loaded in the back of my SUV.  The biggest pieces are probably close to 150 pounds each.

I made another trip back tonight to pick up the rest of the sizeable pieces (8-12").  I'll probably end up cutting them into bowl lengths and taking them to the club next month to give away.

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