Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Day 161: Cleanup

No actual turning tonight, lots of other stuff going on, including more wood from the recent storm.

This is one of the piece of Shoestring Acacia I picked up last night.  I cut the 2 branches off the top and then ripped the piece in half in preparation for turning.  This is about 13" across.

3 more pretty big piece of Mesquite I picked up tonight, my wife saw them sitting by the sidewalk in front of a local Wal Mart.  She initially told me they were 7-8" diameter and 2-3' long.  I decided not to get it when she saw it but ended up not too far away this evening so I swung by.  Her size estimate was a bit off, these are about 13" diameter and up to 24" long.

I've been telling people jokingly that I barely have room to turn around in my shop, after the last 2 nights it's not really a joke any more.  Any more wood and I'll need to start stacking 2 or 3 high.  I did a rough count tonight and have close to 20 pieces in the 12-18" diameter range from this storm and another handful in the 10-12" diameter range.

Tomorrow is recycling/yard waste pickup day so I figured I'd get as much sawdust cleaned up as possible, including cleaning out my gouge storage rack.  Shavings tend to fill in the tubes so I have to empty them periodically.

Here's all the tools back where they belong.  4 parting tools, 2 chisels, a captured ring tool, a spindle roughing gouge, a 3/8" spindle gouge, a skew, 5 bowl gouges in various sizes, 2 scrapers, 2 hollowing tools, and the handle for my coring system.

The 2X8 and plywood box on the bottom is filled with about 400 pounds of playground sand to act as ballast.  The extra weight comes in handy for larger and unbalanced turnings.

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  1. I have not turned Acacia yet. If you still have a piece or two that you can part with I would like to get some. I would also like to watch you core some pieces and do a natural edge bowl some time to get some pointers.