Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 138: Take it to the bank

I wasn't sure what I was going to work on today, my wife suggested that I make my daughter another piggy bank as her last one met an untimely end.  I grabbed a chunk of green Jacaranda and went to work.

The body is done as a large lidded box.  It's cut in half and then both halves are hollowed and a tenon formed on the bottom and a recess on the top so the 2 halves can be joined again.  This joint is secured with Superglue, a hole is drilled in the bottom, and a plug turned to fit the hole.  As the Jacaranda is green and it's for my daughter I didn't bother sanding.

A coin slot is cut in the top.  This was cut with a dremel, a round file, and cleaned up with a flat file

After all of this was done I thought it was still very plain so I burned butterflies all over, between 30 and 40 total.  Each butterfly was then decorated so that no 2 are the same.  Needless to say she's trilled with the results.   

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