Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 93: 3 months

Tonight is the 3 month anniversary of this blog.  My plan initially was to do this for a full year, then I thought better of that and set a more modest goal of 30 days.  I've now done 3X my modest goal and have no plans to stop now.

I didn't realize this was an anniversary, wasn't feeling particularly motivated tonight, and didn't really have a project in mind when I headed out to the garage.  I've been kicking around this piece of wood for quite a while, it's been in this form for at least 9 months and was in my garage as a whole log for an additional 8 or 9 months.  This is actually the third piece turned from this log.  The other 2 were turned back on days 1 - 3.  This piece is from the log immediately above the piece in day 3.  The log centers (piths) on each side of the opening on that hollow form are the centers of each half of this piece.

This is a quick shot of the "business end" of the lathe with the nearly finished piece.

A side view of the nearly finished piece, spinning at about 1000 RPMs.

Here is the nearly finished piece about 90 minutes after the first photo.  I still have a fair amount of sanding to do as this wood is extremely soft and the interrupted cut into end grain led to more tear out than I'd hoped.  I also still have to finish the bottom.

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