Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 82: Turn for Troops

I spent the afternoon at Chandler Woodcraft helping out with the Turn for Troops event.  I turned about a half dozen pens that will be sent to the troops overseas.  I neglected to take any photos so I copied this one from my 8/22/09 post.  I did mostly this style, what I call a faux euro.  Done with slimline parts and omitting the center band.  I also did one with a captured ring on the top half (no clip) and tried to do one as a multi axis piece but it didn't work out.

Everyone really liked the faux euro "twist" on the standard slimline. Dwayne, the owner of this franchise liked it so much he had to make a couple himself.

I also talked to Dwayne about working there part time evenings and weekends.  I plan to put in a application in hopes that they need a hand over the holidays and I can pick up a little extra cash with a part time job on evening and weekends.

 I also ended up having some wood follow me home.  5 pieces of Shoestring Acacia that I sourced from a pen turning buddy.  His neighbor cut down the tree as it was pushing on a block wall, threatening to tip it over.  The pieces range from 8-12" diameter and are about 30" long.  Lots of good bowl and hollow form stock here.  I promised him 2 finished pieces, one for him and one for the neighbor.

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