Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 103: Variety

A variety of projects today, first is an Olive hollow form roughout.  This was hollowed to about 1/2" thick and has been bagged to dry for an extended period.

  Next I played with making a Christmas ornament.  I played with this a little bit last night but decided that it was too heavy.  I decided to try to do one that's been hollowed.  The "branches" are turned on 4 different axes making a total of 5.  The bottom has been plugged with a matching piece of wood with a small "trunk".

Next I worked on a hollow form I roughed out a while back (days 45 and 46).  I intended to do a square neck on this one but the rim cracked and I had to scrap that plan.  This was the mate to the piece below.

Unfortunately I took this piece back out to the shop to sign it tonight and it fell off of the lathe onto the concrete floor and sustained major damage.  It already had several minor cracks around the opening and when it hit the floor it broke in multiple pieces around the top 1/4 of the piece.  The opening went from 1 1/4" to close to 4" instantly.  I haven't decided whether to try and save it or if I should scrap it completely.

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