Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 85: Sawing logs

I decided to break out the chainsaw tonight and cut up some of the Shoestring Acacia logs I got on Sunday.  I cut up 2 of the 5 pieces, and got 8 bowl blanks, 4 @ 12" and 4 @ 9" with a couple smaller pieces that will probably end up as pen blanks or lidded boxes.

The heart wood is a very dark brown with light creamy yellow sap wood.  The color in these photos is a little dark as they were freshly cut and very green.

I also did a small modification to my lathe that I've been meaning to do for a while now.  My only real complaint about my lathe (Powermatic 3520B) is that the spindle lock doesn't actually lock.  It only prevents the spindle from turning as long as you're holding the button in.  I've seen this modification before and had just never taken the time to do it myself.  The bracket surrounding the locking button is removed and a pair of holes are drilled before the bracket is reinstalled.

Then a pin can be inserted to prevent the lock from disengaging.  I'm planning to use a larger diameter pin and bending it so that it will hang down and cover the on/off button as a reminder not to turn the lathe on with the spindle lock engaged.

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