Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 86: Shoestrings

I roughed out 2 of the pieces I cut last night, one of the smaller ones (9") and one of the larger ones (12").

I normally wouldn't core anything smaller than 10" but the chocolate brown heart wood is exceptional so I decided to core it anyway.  The wood was exceptionally wet, I could feel a fine mist being thrown off of the blank as it rotated.

I stripped the bark off of the larger piece before mounting it on the lathe, the last thing I want is a big piece of bark to come flying off at high speed.

More of that fantastic chocolate heart wood.  It won't be quite this dark once it's dry but it will still be gorgeous.

Tonight's efforts.  5 bowls total.  Using this as a baseline the 5 logs I received could yield as many as 50 bowls.

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