Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 92: Cuprum

I finished my prototype locking box this evening using a small section of copper wire to form the ping and the lock and unlock indexing points.  When the pin is lined up with the 2 indexing points as shown in this photo the box is secured.  Turning the lid counter clockwise to the single indexing point (barely visible in the shadow) the lid is able to slide up and off.

Here's an open view.  The 2 indexing pins are located directly below the end point of the horizontal groove. The single indexing point is immediately below the vertical groove that allows the lid to slide up.

Top view showing the locking pin on the inside of the lid along with the vertical part of the groove on the body.

I already have an idea on how I can evolve this idea on the next piece, I'm still working some of the specifics out in my head but I'm pretty sure what I have in mind will work.

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