Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 91: V is for Visitor

I had a visitor in the shop tonight as planned.  We turned an 8" bowl out of Shoestring Acacia and worked on a pen out of Myrtle.  A fun night and he's a quick learner.

I did get a little shop time both before and after his visit, enough time to turn the small box shown here.  I've been working on a method to lock a box closed and one possible solution came to me late the other night.

The hole in the top half of the box will secure a small pin that will protrude through the lid and into a groove cut into the tenon on the bottom half of the box.

The pin will fit into the groove cut on the tenon.  To secure the lid you'll slide it down and then give it a 1/4 twist.  To indicate where the open and closed positions I drilled some additional holes that I plan to fill with material matching the pin on the top half. I'm leaning to using either copper or brass but haven't ruled out silver or a contrasting wood.

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