Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 101: Visitors

I had a couple of visitors in the shop tonight, a pair of LDS (Mormon) missionaries.  The were absolutely fascinated by what I was doing and talked my ear off for about an hour with all kinds of questions about wood and my projects.

I told them they're welcome to come back and we'd turn a pen or something but I won't discuss religion with them.  The one on the right is likely leaving the area on Wednesday and as a result didn't think he'd be back so I sent him on his way with the small olive bowl he's holding.

A closer look at the bowl he took home.  In the interest of time I didn't sand the inside and barely sanded the outside.  They have a 9 PM curfew.

After they left I roughed out another olive bowl.  The pith on this one is way off center, it's the black line in the bottom of this photo.  The small area to the outside of the pith was dead and dry, the rest was freshly cut less than a week ago.

Another view.  Again, the pith is the dark streak at the bottom of the photo.

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