Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 79: success

I decided tonight that I've played enough with the multi axis stuff and that it was time to put my lessons learned into action.  This piece is the result, a 3 sided box with a twist out of Burmese Rosewood.

Open view.  In hindsight I could have made the interior a little larger but the inside is turned before the outside and I didn't want to ruin this one so I played it a bit safe.  It doesn't have any finish at this point and only minimal sanding.  A quick coat of oil will really bring out the grain.

Top view, clearly showing the triangular shape that is the result of the box being turned on 3 centers.  Technically the box was turned on 4 centers, 3 to create the triangular shape and the twisted exterior and the "true" center that was used to hollow the box as well as finish both the top and the bottom.

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