Monday, November 9, 2009

Day 83: One of those nights

Ever have one of those nights?  Tonight was one of those nights for me.  Almost everything when wrong.  I wanted to turn a couple of pieces of Lignum Vitae that a friend gave me.  They're supposed to end up as pickles for my hamburger.  Problem 1 - I can't find my double sided tape to secure them to a small faceplate.  No problem, I'll run to the store and buy some more, I also need to pick up a flat of bottled water and a few groceries.  Jump in the car and it won't turn over.  Problem 2 - dead battery.  No problem, I'll hook up the battery charger overnight and I have a guy coming over tomorrow so I need to clean up a bit and start to prepare for his visit.  We plan to do a simple pen and a small bowl.  Problem 3 - I can't seem to find the pen kit that I want to do with him.  No problem, we'll do a slimline pen and I'll prepare the bowl blank.  Problem 4 - It's late and the kids are in bed so I don't want to fire up the chainsaw.  No problem, it's a fairly small blank, I'll cut it on the bandsaw.  Problem 5 - The bandsaw blade got stuck in the blank, and in the process of getting it out I snapped the blade.  No problem, I'll cut it with my chainsaw tomorrow before he arrives.  We still need some groceries so I'll ride my bike to the store just a mile down the road.  I check my bike and find problem 6 - a flat tire.  No problem,  It's probably just a small leak, I'll fill it up and be on my way.  About 100 yards from the store the back tire starts making a funny noise and before I can stop the tube in the rear tire explodes.  So I ended up pushing my bike and the bike trailer the remaining distance to the store, purchased the groceries and then push everything back home before giving up for the night and going to bed.

It's been one of those nights.

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