Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 184: Mother May I?

I turned this multi axis project a while back ( and decided to make a few additions and changes to it tonight. 

For my demo on Saturday I want to have some additional examples of multi axis turning and this one fits that bill.

I moved it off center and used a drill bit to change the breasts into arms and then turned a small multi axis child to fit into the arms.

I think I'm going to play around with this a bit more.  My wife has  claimed this one as her own.

I also worked on a multi axis hollow form.  It wasn't nearly as successful but I wasn't quite ready to give up on it yet.  I glued it back together and the results are below.

I think this taller skinnier version shows the twist much better than my previous attempts (  It's deeply flawed but like the piece above it's an example of what's possible.

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