Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 191: A rough night

I really need to start to tame my wood haul from the January storm so I'm going to start roughing a lot of bowls over the next couple weeks.  I've done a couple over the last couple weeks but I need to do more soon.

This one is one of the bigger pieces of Shoestring Acacia and is 14 1/2" across and about 6" deep.  The exterior has been roughed and a tenon formed.

The largest core has been removed and the interior turned down to a consistent wall thickness and smoothed.  A consistent wall thickness is important so that the piece dries evenly with minimal warping.

I neglected to take some of the intermediate photos but the end result is a set of 3 bowls and a bunch of shavings covering the floor.

I also ran into another turner tonight, quite literally.  I went for a bike ride this afternoon and while passing through the next  neighborhood over I saw an open garage and thought I spied a lathe in the back corner.  I quickly hit the brakes and turned around.  As I pulled into his driveway the piles of wood and the lathe in the corner came into focus.  I talked with him for about 30 minutes, he does mostly segmented work on a Jet 1642.  One cool thing he had was some shims that he could put under the headstock and the tailstock in order to increase the swing on his lathe so he could turn larger than the stock 16" maximum diameter. I invited him to future AWA meetings and over to my shop, I think I'll see him again pretty soon.

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