Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 169: Let there be light

Lighting has long been an issue in my shop.  I installed 2 additional flourescent lights this weekend and tonight decided to install one of the 2 dental lights I have.  I had one installed for a while about 18 months ago but had an accident that resulted in the reflector glass cracking shattering.  These lamps aren't cheap and neither are the replacement parts. 

Here's a before photo with just the flourescent lighs on, there's now plenty of light but because of the shape of the bowl almost no light gets inside.

Here's the light and the track mounted to the ceiling.  It's a 6 foot track so the position side to side and the height can be fully adjusted.  I still have a couple of pieces to reattach to the track but they're purely cosmetic.  The track and light are surprisingly heavy so I reinforced and braced the ceiling joists.  This was important becuase it's mounted parallel to the joists and I needed several solid attachment points.

And here's an after shot with the interior of the same bowl illuminated by the lamp.  The difference is quite literally like night and day. 

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