Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 194: Mini me

I had to do a test run on my new turning tools from my birthday yesterday so I knocked out a trio of mini hollow forms in Quaking Aspen.  All 3 were hollowed through holes slightly less than 1/2" diamete.  There's a quarter in this photo to better show the scale of the turnings.

Top view of all 3 pieces in this set.  I'm planning to do some burning on all 3 pieces on this set but I'm undecided on the design.


  1. Hi Jason

    Just had a look at your blog. I really enjoyed seeing the different aspects that you're busy with. By intention is much the same though I'm not sure I'd blog every day!

  2. Thanks Andrew. It's a labor of love trying to get something posted every day with work, family, and other things that often take higher priority. My initial goal was 30 days, that's now been increased to a full year. After that I'll probably continue but decrease it to 3-4 times a week.

    Keep up your blog, I'll try to check in regularly.