Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 182: Digging out

The remnants of yesterday's rough turning were still piled on the floor this evening.  My son asked me yesterday if I wanted help cleaning up, unfortunately it was almost his bed time and I wasn't done yet so I left things a mess last night so he could help me tonight.

30 minutes and 50 gallons of shavings later the floor is much cleaner.  All of the shavings are now in the yard waste recycling bin to be picked up by the city tomorrow afternoon.  Working green is important to me, this includes salvaging wood whenever possible and making sure that my waste is properly handled.

I did do a bit of turning as well.  I'm working on finalizing my multi axis demonstration handout and had to verify that I could control the direction of rotation of the twist.  These 2 pieces started out nearly identical in size and layout of the center points, the only difference is the setup in the numbering of the points.

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