Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 188: Other

No shop time tonight though I did get out of the house for a bit earlier while I delivered yesterday's seam rippers to the quilt shop this afternoon when I picked my son up from school. 

Tonight I've been dealing with computer problems and trying to get the demonstrator contract for the 2011 Desert Woodturning Roundup finalized so I can get them in the mail this week.  I wanted to get this done about 3 weeks ago but had to pass the compensation package we're offering the demonstrators and the overall demonstrator budget through the organizing committee.  I can't reveal the names of the demonstrators that we're inviting until they're under contract but I think we have a really strong lineup that covers all of the major types of turnings: bowls, hollow forms, spindles, pens, and segmenting.            

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