Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 186: Demonstration

About 24 hours late on this entry and I don't have any photos of the actual demo (yet).  Yesterday was my Arizona Woodturners Demo. I did 4 projects, a multi axis goblet on 2 parallel axes, a multi axis goblet stem done between centers on 2 axes, a multi axis twisted lidded box, and a pair of multi axis pendants. 

The first part was a multi axis goblet similar to the one shown on the left.  I didn't do the captured ring and I didn't cut the stem down as thin as I normally would but I was primarily showing the technique used move the goblet side to side and the sequence that is followed to accomplish something like this photo.

Second was an S curve piece done between centers and on 2 parallel axes.  Again this piece was more about the technique of shifting back and forth between the axes and the initial setup of the blank, marking the centers on the same plane and at a similar distance.

The main focus on my demo was a twisted multi axis box like this one.  Proper setup is the secret and is critical on a piece like this  and was heavily emphasized during this demo and on my handout.  If setup correctly it's actually fairly easy to turn.

Part way through this portion of the demo I realized that I was flying through and was well ahead of schedule so I had to improvise a bit and do something I hadn't planned on doing, finish the top and the bottom of the box. I didn't bring a jam chuck with me so I had to turn one during a short break. Luckily I brought along a spare piece of wood as a backup in case something happened with my box blank so I had a piece of wood I could make into the jam chuck necessary to finish the box and add about 20 minutes to my demo.

I didn't realize at the time but a couple of friends of mine slipped in the back of the room late in the demo while I was turning a couple of pandants similar to the one shown.  I was in the zone and didn't notice them and didn't find out they were there until that evening when I played poker with both of them at a mutual friend's house.  They attempted to come up and say Hi after the demo had concluded but I was swarmed with club members thanking me for the demo, asking further questions, and checking out my tools and some of the other multi axis examples I'd brought along.  I'm still thrilled that they took some time out of their busy weekend to come see one of my hobbies.  Thanks guys!

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