Sunday, September 27, 2009

Day 39: A day late...

Not much spare time yesterday but I did manage to get some work  done before I headed off to run a couple errands and go play in my monthly poker game.

Sissoo nested set.  I think this is the 2nd to last piece of Sissoo to rough out.  I'll probably do the last piece today just so I'll be done with it.

Both errands last night were also turning related, I delivered a hot dog to its new owner and I met with a new turner at his home in Anthem to give him a few pointers and answer a few questions.  Combine that with a poker game that lasted until well after midnight  and I didn't find the time to write the blog entry yesterday.

By the way, I came in 6th out of 31 players in the poker game, they paid the top 5.

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