Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 72: Off Axis

A few more experiments with multi axis turning tonight, the piece on the left was turned on 4 centers with each axis twisted 90 degrees resulting in a 4 sided piece where each side rotates 90 degrees.  The piece on the right is exactly the same except it was turned on 5 axes, has 5 sides, and each side rotates 72 degrees.

I did learn a lesson here on numbering the axes, one side should be number clockwise and the opposite end numbered counter clockwise after shifting the starting spot by one position.

2 more,  both turned on 2 centers, the piece on the left was turned on 2 centers with the centers offset from each other (1-2, 2-1).  This results in a 180" twist along the length of the piece.  It has an oval cross section at each end and a nearly round cross section in the middle.

The piece on the right was turned on 2 parallel centers offset by an inch.  I think I can take this quite a bit further.

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