Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 63: Round 2

I started another batch of seam rippers tonight, the quilt shop around the corner is out again.

I'm doing 24 in this run.  The 22 blanks picture to the left were cut, drilled, and rounded tonight.  Left to right the woods are Padauk, Oak, Brazilian Cherry, Holly, Ziricote, Curly Maple Tulip Wood, and Bocote.

In addition to the 22 roughed out above I finished the first 2, Curly Poplar and Desert Ironwood.  I'm thinking that the Curly Poplar will be a gift to the quilt shop owner for carrying these.  The Desert Ironwood is different than most that I do.  It doesn't have a tenon for the cap to fit on, just a flat end.

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