Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 65: Inventory?

I started to do an inventory of roughed out bowls tonight because I didn't want to get too dirty and didn't want to take tools out of my demo kit.

I didn't get very far on the inventory before picking up my pencil and writing 'lots'.

I ended up estimating that there's well over 100 bowls total, spread out over 4 shelves and the tops of 2 cabinets. Mulberry, Desert Ironwood, Honey Locust, Mesquite, Poplar, and more.

About half of these are nested sets of 2 to 4 bowls in each set.  Lots of Mesquite, and Quaking Aspen among others.

More bowls.  Box Elder Burl and Russian Olive

Last one, Eucalyptus, Ficus, African Sumac, Sissoo, and more.

In the end I did pull a couple of tools out of my demo kit and rough turned a large (15") Quaking Aspen crotch piece that I've had for about 18 months. 

I just roughed the outside, I'll probably end up coring out the center on Sunday or Monday.

There's a large bark inclusion that goes most of the way to the center.  I'm still considering how to handle this, I'm leaning to a mixture of epoxy and coffee ground to stabilize what's left of the bark and to fill the void left by the piece that have already come out.

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