Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 67: Buckeye

Saturday was the Buckeye Heritage Days event in "historic downtown Buckeye" and I was on site from 8:30AM- 4:30PM.  My on stage demo went very well, I did the turning while our club president did the talking.  I ended up with a very decent rough turned bowl in just 20 minutes.

Here I'm helping a young man turn a pen for the first time.  He'd never touched a lathe before and was thrilled to be able to make something like that with just a little bit of hands on teaching and some close supervision.

Club member Dale Gillaspy helps out another new turner.

Mike Abels, another club member on hand for the event assists a first time turner.

A table showcasing some of our wares, examples of some of our work, and business cards and flyers.  I sold 2 small pieces, one was a bowl to the guy coordinating the vendors and a hot dog to a woman in the AZ Game & Fish booth next to ours.  Not a bad day.

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