Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 71: Axis of evil

I'm planning to demo for the Arizona Woodturners Assoc. sometime next year and I've been trying to think of something that's   1) educational, 2) within the reach of the majority of our club members 3) new or different enough that most club members may not have seen it before 4) requires no special tools or jigs.

I think I've settled on multi axis or eccentric turning.  I've been playing with it quite a bit lately and have really started to enjoy it.

This piece was turned on Saturday at the Buckeye event.  It's turned on just 2 centers.

I turned this one tonight just playing around.  It's turned on 3 centers, which are all offset to one another.  This creates the spiral shape.  I think I'll try a lidded box out of some scrap next time using this technique on the outside.

Same technique as above, I just wanted to see how it looked on a longer piece.  The lesson learned on this one was to clearly label the centers on both ends.  I didn't label them clearly enough and when I went to switch centers I mixed them up and had to turn the piece smaller than originally intended in order to clean up the mistake.

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