Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 66: T-Minus One

Final prep for tomorrow's demo.  All tools freshly sharpened.

Left to Right: 1/2" Crown Pro PM Bowl gouge, 1/2" Crown HSS Bowl gouge, 1/2" Thompson Lathe Tools Bowl gouge (in a Dave Peebles handle), 3/8" Crown Pro PM Bowl gouge, 3/16" Crown Pro PM diamond parting tool, 3/8" Crown Pro PM Spindle gouge, 3/4" Crown Pro PM Spindle roughing gouge, 3/4" Crown Pro PM Skew chisel, 1/16" Robert Sorby narrow parting tool.

My goto gouge is the 1/2" Crown Pro PM on the far left.  I probably use it about 90% of the time on my bowls and probably could get away with just that and my diamond parting tool tomorrow but I'm not sure what I'll be doing in the booth so I'm bringing more than I think I'll actually need.

These are the finished pieces I'll be brining for display in our booth.  I want to show a wide range of work, everything from the whimsical, a hamburger and hot dogs, to the artistic, a set of 3 nested Box Elder Burl bowls, to the practical.

The Day 67 post will not be posted until Sunday at the earliest.  I'm playing in my monthly poker tournament on Saturday night and likely won't get home until well after midnight.

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