Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 58: Long lost friend

I've had this pair of bowls sitting on the shelf for around 3 years and decided to finally get back to them tonight.

They both had a spot on the edge that had been cut with the chainsaw as there was a fairly large branch that needed to be taken off.  This left a blemish on the natural edge that I decided to handle by doing some carving.  I ended up settling on a funnel cloud shape down the side to provide some movement.

 Another view.  I still need to do a ton of work on both of these.  They need finished inside and out as well as have the tenons removed and have the edges of the carving finished, they're right off the saw at the moment.

Top view,  It's hard to see but the carved areas are at 6 o'clock on this photo.  I used a pneumatic high speed metal saw, the type you'd normally see being used on auto body work.  Mine is from harbor Freight ( and it did a great job for the price.

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