Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 309: Citrus II

Bernie came back tonight so we could finish the piece we started yesterday.  We'd already done most of the turning so it was just sanding and removing the tenon.

After we sanded the inside and flipped it around we ran into 2 related problems.  First, there was a large check and bark inclusion running through the middle that threatened to come apart.  We filled it from the bottom with epoxy and coffee grounds, using the vacuum chuck to draw the epoxy into the crack.  The second problem was the crack itself, it was allowing a significant volume of air through the piece so the vacuum pressure wasn't enough to hold it securely. 

Bernie insisted that I sign the bottom as in his opinion I did most of the work.  He's probably right but he did do a fair amount of the roughing out and bulk removal.  I obliged him and signed it before he left for the night. 

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