Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 301: Endless possibilities

Bernie came over for another visit tonight.  We roughed and cored the other half of the African Sumac that we did last week.

I also took the opportunity to show off a couple of pieces of wood a fellow turner who wishes to remain anonymous gifted me with.  In their words they "didn't feel capable of of using it to the fullest"

The piece on the left is curly maple with some unique spalting as shown in this view, it's approx 7" X 12" X 3".  The piece on the left is quilted maple and is approx 6" X 15" X 2".  There are another couple pieces of the curly maple that look like they were cut for a peppemill but they were cut side grain rather than endgrain so I'm not quite sure. 

I've turned a fair amount of curly wood but this is my first piece of quilted wood.  

I'm thinking about doing a syspended bowl/box like this one http://azwoodturners.org/v-web/gallery/gallery2/v/members/album08/norris1_002.jpg.html (minus the paint).  Opinions?

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