Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 299: Done and done

2 (more or less) finished pieces today.  LaVonne's Honey Locust salad bowl is done except for a couple more coats of oil and a signature.

It's just under 13" diameter and has a nice wide low foot about 5 1/2" across.  Right at 40% of the maximum diameter, on the lower end of the 40-50% typical for a salad bowl.  The wider base is necessary to make the bowl stable for use.
I also (more or less) finished my last natural edge piece for this month's President's Challenge.
This one has a small foot, it's almost 14" across the long points but has a foot only 2 1/4" diameter as it's not really intended to use and doesn't need to be as stable as something like the salad bowl above.  This will also get a couple more coats of oil and a signature.

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