Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 304: Behind the scenes

I spent the evening doing more catchup work.  2 pieces for tomorrow's meeting were buffed and the lathe, wood, and other stuff loaded into the SUV so I don't have to do it in the morning. 

The photos from the April meeting still hadn't been processed so I finally got around to doing that.  It doesn't seem like it would take all that much time but it does.  There were 43 photos total and each one has to be uploaded twice.  Once to the monthly gallery and once to the individual member's personal gallery.  If a member's gallery doesn't exist it must be created.  I also have to create the monthly Instant Gallery gallery and the monthly President's Challenge gallery.  All of this takes time and effort, effort that people don't really see.

Most of the photos I post on here are straight off my cell phone.  These are from the April meeting and were shot with my Digital SLR and dual strobes through a light tent.  The difference in quality is staggering.

Some of you may remember these pieces from months past.  The set of 3 are Quaking Aspen and have been burned.  The middle pair is 105 year old Central Avenue Olive wood.  And the peppermill is East Indian Rosewood turned on 3 twisted axes.

I was busy demonstrating last month so I had someone else do the photos.  They haven't been processed yet either.  Tomorrow I'm not demonstrating but I will be running the show so I've asked someone else to do the photos again. 

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