Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 293: Digging out

Here's a quick photo of the aftermath of yesterday's marathon turning session.  It doesn't actually look that bad in this photo but it doesn't show the pile behind the lathe, behind the dust collector, and behind the tablesaw.

There was also a smaller pile near the garage door, this pile was swept up from the driveway and was mostly from the chainsaw prep on the blanks.

This was the pile my wife saw last night that she thought was such a mess.  Little did she know!

It took about an hour to sweep up and vacuum.  I filled my green yard waste bin, borrowed my neighbor's green bin and filled it as well. 

Tomorrow I'm headed to another turners house to give him a lesson.  He's been to my shop a couple of times and is wanting a lesson in his own shop, on his own lathe, with his own tools to see if we can sort out the problems he's been having.  Wish me luck.

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