Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 289: Back to the grind

Bernie came back over tonight, he was having issues sharpening today and wanted me to take a look at his tools and his grinder/jig setup.  After getting a look at his tools and setup he had 2 problems.  1)  His jigs weren't setup properly.  They need to be directly below the center of the grinding wheel and the one on the finer grit wheel was at least 1/2" to the left of center and also alightly askew.  The jig on the courser wheels was pretty close but needed a bit of adjusting too.  2)  He was grinding on the nose of the gouge way too much and on the sides (wings) not nearly enough.  This left him with gouges that were pretty much impossible to use. 

Together we spent about and hour disassembling his grinder setup and getting everything lined up and then secured again.  Then another 30 minutes or so shaping and sharpening his tools back to a usable shape.  I think we got his tools back into shape and we went over the sharpening process so he should be able to keep them properly sharpened in the future.

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