Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 288: Bernie

My friend Bernie came over tonight to have me cut up some wood he had (Oak, Mesquite, and Aligator Juniper) and to turn and core one of the chunks of African Sumac we got together last night.  Here's Bernie shaping the outside of th blank.  It started out about 14" diameter and finished up about 13 1/4".

Bernie doen't have a coring setup so I used my Mcnaughton set to core out 2 blanks for a total of 3 bowls from this log section.  These should be really nice when they're finished and get their suntan to turn them red.  I still have the other half of the log for now.  Bernie has indicated he'd like to rough and core it too, so I'll set it aside until we can get that done.

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