Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 365: Mission accomplished

Today is day 365, I'm still not sure how I did it but I managed to not miss a single day the whole year.  To celebrate I turned a large (just under 16" diameter) Mesquite bowl.

This is from the haul I got back in January.  It's mostly dry but I'm going to let it season for a while anyway.  I think it dried so fast because a bunch of the bark was missing because of the way the tree split when it was blown over in a storm.

I wanted to do just pure turning today so I didn't core out the center.  It took longer than it would have taken to core it out but sometimes you just have to make some shavings.

Speaking of shavings, this 31 gallon trash can is full of shavings from just this 1 bowl.  I cleaned up last night so the shop was relatively clean this morning when I started on this bowl.  I cleaned up after I was done and managed to put about 30 gallons into the 31 gallon bin.  This also doesn't count the corners of the blank or the bark that I stripped off before I started the turning.  It's amazing how much waste is generated during this process and is a reminder of one of the reasons I tend to core as much as possible.

Now that my year is up I have to figure out what's next.  I'm going to continue turning and I plan to maintain the blog, just not on a daily basis.  2-5 times a week is my plan right now but I'll mostly be playing it by ear.

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  1. I only started following recently but I am very impressed with your ability to get to the shop, camera, and the computer nearly every day. Great job! Please continue posting!