Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 348:

I'm thinking that this will be the last of the pendants for a while.  4 more today for a total of 25 in the last week.  These 4 are from wood I got yesterday.  the first and third are curly eucalyptus (as is the background).  The second one is Jarrah burl, the last is Myrtle Burl.  The stones are Chrysocolla in the Eucapytus, sea shell in the Myrtle, and Malachite in the Myrtle burl.  Chrysocolla and Malachite are both formed from copper ores.  They're also both found in Arizona in conjunction with copper deposits as they're both copper based compounds.  The celtic knot is similar to a design I found on the internet but I adapted it to the size and placement on the pendant. 

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