Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 351: Honey do

Another request from my wife tonight.  She wants a pair of small bowl for her desk at work (one for the large paperclips, the other one for small paperclips, I had to ask).  I had 2 of these mostly turned already and just needed to sand and finish them.  The third was one that I'd done a while back and needed to refinish just a bit.  From left to right they are Mormon Poplar, Carob, and Indian Rosewood (Sissoo).  The Indian Rosewood was done a little over a year ago and just needed to be buffed out again.

I also took the time to finish the Olive hollow form I was working on yesterday.  I'm very happy with it even though I think it's just a bit bottom heavy. 

The opposite side has a large section of sapwood.

I didn't want the foot to be too small, it's about 1 1/2" diameter, just wide enough to be stable.

The body is right around 1/8" thick and gets slightly thicker at the base.  Reducing the thickness at the base would decrease the overall weight but would alter the shape considerably.  I'm pretty sure this wood came from my buddy Rich who brought a trailer load back from California late last year.

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